Dutch cooking

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The benefit of Dutch cooking is its simplicity. In a typical day in Holland, there is one hot meal served a day. You’ll find that breakfast and lunch consists of slices of bread served with cheese, chocolate sprinkles, assorted of cold cuts, peanut butter or Jam. (PB&J’s are uncommon in Holland)

Dinner is mostly always served around 6 p.m. and is usually started with a bowl of soup, followed by potatoes, vegetables and meat with a dairy product as dessert such as yogurt or pudding.

Although the strong influences from other countries, the Dutch haven’t lost their taste for potatoes, main course soups, cheeses and filling desserts. Holland’s dishes are mostly very simple to make, inexpensive and very nutritious with loads of favorable seasonal vegetables such as kale, Brussels sprouts and carrots, often organic and come from local producers. Have a peek inside our appetizing cookbook and you’ll sure to find a memorable and tasty experience.

You’ll find dishes like Hotchpotch or Stamppot – both dishes are a combination of mashed potatoes with one or even several other vegetables. It’s very common to see stamppot topped with rookworst, which is a Dutch smoked sausage. Sound yummy? How about a recipe to the traditional goody such as the Oliebollen? A Dutch donut smothered in powdered sugar.

You don’t have to board a flight to Holland to enjoy a real Dutch dish because this site is dedicated to sharing recipes of some of the most typical Dutch food around.  You’ll also find stuff about their products and some of the traditions behind the cooking.  There’s a lot more to discover than windmills, tulips and wooden shoes. Did you know Holland is famous for their dairy products or how about their beer?

Also, don’t forget to check out our Dutch oven cooking page. For those who don’t know, a Dutch oven simply means a heavy pot. It’s just the perfect tool for slow outdoor cooking, either at the campsite or right in your very own backyard, you surely don’t want to miss out on any of these Dutch oven classics recipes that are sure to turn up the heat on any grill or campfire.

Take some time to explore Dutch cooking, Discover some of the delicious and traditional food served in Holland or some Dutch oven recipes that’s just the thing for you campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Were sure hoping you find it “lekker” (delicious)!